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Writing from a Parallel Universe

I’m a hybrid author. I’m publishing independently– an adult, comic, urban fantasy set in another universe. I plan on writing and publishing more of them. I traditionally published five young adult novels; that publishing stream dried up for me about the same time I realized my heart wasn’t into writing YA anymore. I started writing what my heart was into (see above). Now I’m back– reborn publishing adult fiction independently and doing exactly what I want to do. Thank the Writer Gods.  I live in beautiful Austin, Texas, with my wife, Frances, my dog, Gandalf, and a cat named Chaos. Like all fiction writers, I work in parallel universes.

Newest novel

A True Story From A Parallel Universe.

(Available in early September on Amazon) Cover coming soon. In the meantime, my dog poses with the same enthusiasm I have for having my picture taken.

What it’s about

So, it turns out the fantastical creatures that come from the creative imaginations of writers and live in our books, movies, and myths are absolutely real–on another planet in another universe. One night, in that universe, Romeo Taylora detective of The Poe Detective Agency, which happens to be the most successful detective agency in the world, survives an attempt on his life. That same night 37 apparently unrelated people are murdered in his city. He has to dig deep into his own past to discover what the relationship between himself and the 37 murdered is. While he’s digging, whoever tried to kill him shows that he believes in the motto If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again by trying again and again. Obviously Romeo must stop him in order to go on breathing but he soon finds there is more at stake than just his life (though his life would, naturally, be enough to keep his attention). Romeo has the help of his zombie girlfriend, his undertaker best friend, and a famous three-headed dog, but his adversary has an army of the living and the dead so, you know, odds are not good. The story that you are about to read (I hope) is absolutely true in the sense that no one can prove it’s not given the current restrictions on travel between universes. Thank you for your attention.